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Pflanzenlampe LED 4 Heads Led Pflanzenlicht Vollspektrum

Upgraded Adjustable 4 Arm LED Plant Lamp

Patent Registered No 007970884-0001


Power: 40 W
Material: PVC
Spectrum: 400-840 nm
Lifespan: 50,000 hours.
Number of heads: 4.
Input voltage: 110V-240V
Suggested height: 12 - 19 inches.
Gooseneck length: 21 inches.
LED chips: 80pcs (yellow)
Colour: Sunlike 4heads.
Package contents:
1 x 4 head plant lamp.
1 x USB adapter.
1 x user manual.

Upgraded Adjustable 4 Arm LED Plant Lamp: The latest 4 head grow lamp features a 360° rotating flexible gooseneck made of high quality tube to keep a firm position. The cover area with one head is about 24-27 inches, depending on the height you have directed your head. With the non-slip clamp, they are sturdy enough to hold their position and cover the plants perfectly.

Time function: the upgraded plant lamp with automatic time function and USB plug (comes with power supply). The circular memory timing function. Timer settings for 3/9/12 hours depending on system requirements.

Sunlight full spectrum: the full spectrum plant lamp is suitable for almost all types of indoor plants. Full Spectrum - A truly unique indoor grow lamp that emits a complete wavelength spectrum. It radiates all wavelengths from 380 nm to 840 nm - just like natural sunlight. It has proven to be effective in promoting internal growth as it accelerates photosynthesis.

3 modes switching: 10 dimmable options: based on the type and power of light (PAR), which is needed to support photosynthesis, we have developed this growth lamp with 3 switching modes (like natural sunlight) and 10 dimmable options between 10% and 100% complemented the lack of natural sunlight and promoted plant growth in all stages.

Multipurpose: suitable for indoor plants, potted plants, cuttings, greenhouse vegetables, etc. that grow in a hydroponic greenhouse in your home or office. It helps accelerate the growth of potted plants, flower plants, leaves and succulents. We offer 1 year warranty and replacement parts exchange, 30 days flexible return service.

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