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dimension :290*175*83.5mm
input voltage:AC85-265v
red:blue :42mil:45mil
working current :600ma
working Frequency :50-60hz
weight:4KG ctn
Ctn package:4pcs/box(weight:15.8KG)
working temperature:-20°-50°
quantity of chips:32PCS*3W
lifespan:50000 hour
housing color :White/chinese red
G.W kg/pc:3kg/pcs
G.W kg/ctn:12kg/pcs
DE UPC:701327158961
US UPC:701327156844
CA UPC: 701327157711
US Title:Roleadro COB LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Hydroponic Indoor Plant Veg&Bloom(400w)
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 LED is a new type of energy-saving lighting are widely used in various fields of agriculture, farming.It is Very popular for growing ,it can promote flowering and fruiting plants. 

 Features :

 High Efficiency Optimized for PAR, Extremely Sufficient Lights Spectrum, Super Light Penetration

 Plants grow faster and flower bigger: Enhanced spectral output covering full PAR (400-730nm) promotes photosynthesis for Growth & Bloomming,

 High Efficiency Powerful 3Watt Epileds, Low Energy Consumption

 Powerful  Cooling fan system inside, Cool and Quieter

 Revolutionary Heat Aluminium PCB, Run 80% cooler than high intensity discharge (HID) lights

 1pcs Strong Hanging Kits are available for Easy Installation

 All LEDs with a Zener to ensure One LED Goes Out the Rest Continue to Operate

 3 years Long Life Span, Energy Saving and Environmental Protection


◆ LED output Power: 400W

 2 PCS*100W high intensityCOB(32*3W chip on board)

◆ Base Color:  White

 view Angle:   90 degree reflecctor cup

 9 Bands for Indoor Plants Growth & Flower

◆ Spectrum of Light:  660nm        640nm          440nm          460nm         470nm          525nm       730nm

◆ UV is sterilization, disinfection 

◆ IR is to promote the Flowering,and  fruiting

 Working Temperature: -20 to 50 

 Worldwide Voltage: AC85~265V

 Lifespan: 50000-100000 hours

 Warranty: 2 years


◆ Our Reflector COB led grow light can Improve more than 30% in the vegetative stage and blooming stage of plant

 Leading technology.Developing trend of LED Grow light.
 About our light Output Power and Power Consumption description, please read more specific info before buying.
OR contact us before buying it.

Distinguishing Features

High Luminous Efficiency by Revolutionary Integrated COB Technology

Compared to normal LED grow light by secondary lens and normal single lens, our latest integrated COB of LEDs effectively improves much the color uniformity and luminous efficiency, which makes it more powerful in the vegetative stage and blooming stage of your plants.

Best Color Ratio and Luminous Efficiency of Our LED Grow Light

Our LED grow light has the best color ratio, which is more suitable for the vegetative stage and blooming stage of any plant

Patent Optical Reflector Enhance the Output of Par Value of LED Grow Light

Patent professional optical reflector if our LED grow light enhances much the Par value for the vegetative stage and blooming stage, it makes the plant enjoy fastest growth, maximum yield, which provide growers more options for their growing cases

Best Heat Dissipation for the Best Stability and Longest Lifetime

Compared to many so-called automatic switch-off system to protect the LED Grow Light over-heated, our super LED Grow Light’s maximum temperature is as low as 45 degree by our unique sunflower radiator as the best heat-dissipation , which ensures the LED grow lights work in very good condition and enjoys the longest lifetime, it will definitely maximize your investment of return

Unique Daisy-chain Connection

Thanks to unique but convenient cross-connection by daisy-chain power cord design, our LED grow light is more easy and convenient to use than normal LED grow light when there is a connection of many grow lights, reducing much labor and other costs related; our unique daisy-chain power connection is applicable to a group of same or different models, like below showing

Zero Maintenance Cost, Hassel-free Warranty!

For our LED grow lights, any user is able to replace to replace any component within 1 minute without any special expertise, and we provide two years solid warranty removing all your worries.

- See more at: http://www.ledaquagrow.com/LEDGrowLight/1413880948.html#sthash.0JyslX7P.dpuf
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