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Dimension:L310*W215*H63 mm

Input voltage:AC220V,50Hz

Chip size:15*30

Working current:50Hz

Ctn size:L500*W310*H400 mm

Working temperature:-20°-50°

Ratio& layout:Full spectrum:Blue=168:24

lifespan:50000 hour

Housing color:White


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Feature of Full spectrum Linear Led grow light

1. A stamping completed, beautiful appearance, light weight

2. Hit, anti-aging, easy to install

3. Low power consumption, long life

4. High brightness, cold light source, waterproof performance,

5. High Power ,high luminous efficiency, fade resistance

6. Full spectral ratio, the closest to the sun

7. The input voltage is lower than the output voltage

8. Fast response, small output ripple, small damage to the power grid

9. The heat is large, but the noise generated by the work is also low

10. Behind the body with a fan exhaust

Product show

Product Usage

*For greenhouse cultivation

*Anti-season vegetables and fruits cultivation

*Medicinal plant breeding

*Commercial cultivation



*long life

*High light efficiency, plant absorption capacity increased

*Heat, and more effective protection of plant growth

*High output and high quality products

*Maintenance costs are low

*Two-year warranty

*The effect is eye-catching, colorful

*Has the advantage of being suitable for labor-saving industrial automation

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